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By The Community for the Community

At the Gippsland Op Shop you could say our motto would be, “By the Community, for the Community”. As it states we are served by volunteers gathered together providing a service to help those in need. We not only serve our community, but also our Church, which in turn is there again to support those in our community, in need.

Week in week out our Volunteers turn up and do the job they are asked, no whinging or whining, just a get up and go attitude. These Volunteers are a truly amazing bunch of community minded people who give their time for no other reason than to help those who need help, friendship and because they care.

Our Op Shop over the years, has been very community minded supporting local events such as the Drouin Ficifolia Festival, pleasant Sunday afternoons presenting some of our local community groups like Baw Baw singers, Warragul Scout Group, Backpacks for Kids, the Crossing and food relief. These are just to name a few.

When I took over as manager of this great community service, I looked at ways in which we could move into the future, expand our Brand and give more to ours and other close communities.

This Website is a move towards the future, one we are hoping will grow and
expand with our community. One in which our community can be proud off, I know our Volunteers are.

As our website grows we look forward to serving those in need as we look forward to meeting new Volunteers and you the community. So please take the time and check out what’s new, give us a go and we will grow with our community together.